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i was featured on american apparel store as a stylish blogger. but i know im not enough to be used that word 'stylish' :( anyway, so i just make a post with A.A pictures. i actually have lots of a.a clothes. i counted only shirts today and there were over 15 basic t-shirts in my drawer. but i have no time to take a photo thesedays so i just used old photos . i'll take it and post it when i have a time :) i remember when i took these photos, i set up time and took a photo one by one by myself. everything that i have is from a.a on that picture. i wrote the model of the clothes so if u want to buy it, visit a.a. online shop here, and buy it!

top: american apparel/ skirt: topshop/ belt: Urban outfitters / leggings: mm6/ shoes: Chronicles of never

i actually took these below pictures when i was in high. i can definately tell how young i was the skin, hair, and that smile with funny pose. anyway, that green t-shirt is one of my fav from cassette playa! its soooooo unique and i luv it. i dont know its still selling but check it out on this e-store here!

cardigan: american apparel/ top: casette playa/ jeans: j brand

and this tiger t-shirts is so funny.i cant wear thesedays, its so pop u know, so i feel like everyone see me. lol!! its from sixpack,france. that t-shirts was the first purchase clothes that i order by on online. there are so many nice graphic designed t-shirts. if u want to look at more clothes, check this!

top: sixpack france/ leggings: american apparel/ headphone: sony

and finally, these photos are taken lately,yeah, i grow my hair so long, i recently think about having cut my hair really short or just leave it grow. what do u think dear? but i guess i have to lose my weight before cutting my hair...haha.. everyone who sees this photo says that luv my boots. its really vintage from 80's. i bought on ebay a year ago and the price was over $150. the condition of this boots was reaally excellent and the style is the exact shape what i want. so i just bought it even if the price was so high but its worth to keep it. i wore those boots everyday in last winter.

top: american apparel/ skirt: american apparel/ shoes: vtg

anyway, guys! hope u like my posting! and i hope it will help when u buy clothes from american apparel! its really chilly outthere! dont catch a cold! and really sorry ive recently no updated on my blog. i actually have 30 days to take an exam. sometimes, its nice to focus on sth badly!! but i know im not that concentared person except for watching movies or doing sth with fashion haha.anyway!! enjoy your days!! luv luv luv!

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Cookie said...

congratulations girl!!:) I love your posts.